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Defining a New Life Abroad

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Fantuan Review

Defining a New Life Abroad

Guide to "Eat, drink, and be merry!"

Enjoy Your Overseas Local Life

As a leading consumer information platform in North America, covering food, drink, entertainment, and other life delicacies. FanTuan Review is committed to providing overseas consumers with the most comprehensive and reliable (merchant) business information and user reviews to meet their needs. Presenting interesting and useful local consumer service content in the form of information flow to attract users to plant and gain local life experience. Bringing users a more adequate, affordable, convenient, and high-quality all-around localized lifestyle.

Advantages of FanTuan Review

The leading local independent third-party lifestyle service consumption platform based on restaurant and other merchant information and transactions


100,000+ Overseas Chinese users

Helping users overseas Chinese

enjoy a better local life


18,000+ Loyalty Merchants

Eliminate language and communication problems

One-click navigation makes online booking more convenient


Top 10 Life Scenarios

From delicacy to entertainment, from beauty to cars

Looking after every aspect of your life's needs


20,000+ Authentic Reviews

Let the KOL/influncers fill your bucketlist

Authentic reviews to help you avoid disappointments and navigate with ease

FanTuan Review Features

Find restaurants beforehand, check the top dishes, online reservations, group discounts and other functions to facilitate your local overseas life

Finding Restaurants

Easy to find with one-click navigations

Check Tips

At-hand tips and reviews from real users

Booking and Reservations

Online reservations made more convenient

Enjoy Discounts

Popular group discounts for you to choose from

Read Reviews

Check reviews at a glance

Watch KOL/Influncers Live

Food Influencers recommend on live-stream

Overseas Cities being Opened

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